When assessing the state of the economy, one of the common problems we encounter is the inability for businesses going through a rough patch to find enough working capital to stay afloat. Faltering companies have incurred setbacks, so have come to depend more and more on state-of-the-art telecommunications technology. Going forward, new tech (e.g. the IoT, machine learning, and predictive analytics) will be needed to assay threats posed by systemic disruptions.

Sick Company is there to facilitate the resurgence of faltering companies by ensuring they can find investors ready to provide capital. The idea is to use the latest online technology to ensure businesses in need of capital infusions are able to weather major economic disruptions and supply-chain interruptions (including issues with essential services like utilities and transportation). By making use of the latest in AI tech, geo-tracking, and cloud computing, they are able to connect struggling businesses with much-needed capital. This is about savvy market capitalization.