A failure to make use of the prodigious power of online communications technology has proven to be a formidable obstacle to the process of deploying assistance. The pandemic-induced shut-downs of 2020 adversely impacted commerce—making it far more difficult for vulnerable enterprises to maintain adequate levels of business. It curtailed traffic at brick and mortar venues (from hair salons to cafes to retail outlets), thereby stunting vital cash flow for any enterprise that did not have a major presence online.

Consequently, many companies found themselves without an adequate level of working capital to sustain operations going forward. Small businesses were hit the hardest. The drastic reduction in revenue, with the continued cost of overhead, is putting solvency in peril. This means that they are in desperate need of a quick capital infusion.

Sick Company’s innovative networking tool connects struggling businesses to sources of funding—ensuring companies in need of a capital infusion are able to stay afloat. The idea is to use the latest online technology to connect faltering enterprises with investors willing and able to rescue companies in distress.