As a result of disruptions in supply chains, many enterprises are struggling to stay afloat. Much-needed capital infusion is being sought so that vulnerable companies may better contend with distribution-network interruptions. Particularly vulnerable are businesses that are highly susceptible to down-turns in local (physical) customer traffic, that have limited cash-flow, and/or that are already strapped for capital. Here, the primary concern is connecting investors to worthy enterprises that are in desperate need of funds. Access to capital can give them a leg up during economic downturns. Such networking is important under normal circumstances; but these connections have become all-the-more imperative in the midst of the hampered commerce in the wake of Covid-related shut-downs.

In the uncertain environment of a protracted crisis, savvy organizations will not have only traditional plans in place. It will be those that implement new ways to attenuate supply-chain disruptions and overall shortages. The advantage in a crisis will go to the one that can harness the full capabilities of on-line technology. This is a matter of networking with other members of the community–even competitors. Finding avenues for forging new connections, then, is key; and the ability to network is determined in large part by the effectiveness of the technology we use.

On-line technology can be used by a globally-organized group–the members of which might fluctuate. The group coordinates their efforts in a synergistic way–shoring up faltering businesses. The idea is to implement new ways of communal problem-solving as we all find ourselves in an unpredictable and fast-changing environment.