During the Covid-19 crisis, various industry groups are rallying to help their constituents. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is providing some resources for small businesses; but it isn’t enough. The National Federation of Independent Businesses is also getting involved; as was the Federal government with its short-lived, low-interest PPE loans.

Normally, SBA (small businesses access) loans are a major source of lending for small businesses needing capital; as they help connect small businesses to viable lenders, thereby making it easier to find a reliable source of capital. But they, too, are proving inadequate to this monumental task. Some cities, like New York City and Seattle, have created their own funds to support struggling businesses; but help from the private sector is still desperately needed for those in need of a capital infusion.

There are thousands of faltering businesses around the U.S. striving to subsist during the pandemic-induced economic downturn. For more on the numbers, see the McKinsey study here: