Faltering companies that are in need of working capital are seeking sources of capital to tide them over, so that they can weather the storm, and remain solvent during an economic downturn that has disproportionately impacted brick and mortar business. Typically, alternative lenders rarely require equity like angel investors and VCs do. Instead, they provide loan agreements that mirror conventional banks, and usually have much more relaxed requirements to qualify. Yet their capacity is somewhat limited.

Alternative lenders typically have more demanding loan terms and agreements compared to conventional banks…or even VC firms. This entails a trade-off: More retention of control over one’s enterprise (fewer strings attached), yet higher interest rates. Sick Company avoids such drawbacks. It is there to connect struggling businesses with capital; and does so by leveraging the power of online technology. They have made it so much easier to network, and help businesses find funding when they most need it.