SickCompany offers exciting new ways to help struggling enterprises subsist through the economic turmoil that has occurred in the wake of the corona-virus pandemic. This is a heaven-send for vulnerable tech startups—many of which are seeking to weather the fall-out from the recent economic downturn. Such gestating enterprises are looking for ways to connect to sources of capital. Indeed, capital infusion is vital for early-stage companies seeking to break out of their incubation, and enter the market on solid footing. Tech start-ups are experiencing confusion, as access to vital capital is being stymied by a ramshackle process.

Meanwhile, capital infusion is needed for companies that are already up and running, yet struggling due to the pandemic-induced economic downturn. AI technology may offer a solution to such problems, as it is able to gather data and perform calculations necessary for optimizing on-line commerce. Companies that fare the best during economic downturns are those that are focused on future growth (thus taking proactive steps for the long-term) rather than cost-cutting (with eyes only on the short term).

The reduced availability of credit makes it impossible for small businesses to overcome temporary lulls by simply borrowing in the conventional manner. Consequently, companies without an adequate support structure cannot continue operating. The key is to find creative ways to maintain solvency; and thus stay afloat.