In the wake of the pandemic-induced economic downturn, it has become all-the-more urgent to marshal the best technological resources to divert limited resources quickly and effectively. Savvy capital allocation is vital to the survival of small and medium-sized businesses with limited capacity to absorb temporary lulls in business. Businesses that have limited cash-flow, and/or that are already strapped for capital are especially vulnerable.

Networking abilities, which are crucial to any business looking to remain solvent, are hampered by reduced commerce. Using the formidable power of AI technology and the vast reach of the IoT (Internet of Things), SickCompany is able to connect investors to worthy enterprises that are in desperate need of capital.

The IoT, data analytics, and cloud-computing have led to amazing new ways to find and help struggling companies. SickCompany has proven indispensable in helping struggling companies connect with investors that are ready to provide capital infusion. Meanwhile, it continues to help investors find viable enterprises in need of operating capital to stay afloat.