Conventional Fintech lenders can be a great funding option for small business owners. The downside to many alternative lenders, though, is the tendency to charge high interest rates and offer demanding loan agreements. But here’s the problem. Struggling businesses often do not have access to the capital to cover these short-term loans. Moreover, conventional Fintech is only for short-term loan packages. They provide short-term, high-interest business loans for entrepreneurs looking to quickly grow and expand with capital.

SickCompany is there to connect faltering enterprises with investors looking for new opportunities. It is well-positioned to secure capital infusion via equity backing. It is able to do this because it harnesses the power of the latest online technologies to identify those willing to invest money in startups in exchange for equity in the company. This means finding those in need of funding by matching them with those with funds. Sick Company also provides guidance to young companies—including mentorship and access to sales networks. The experts at SickCompany are also there to provide sophisticated financial projections. SickCompany is a revolutionary approach for shoring up faltering businesses; and does so by applying an open-source model to capital allocation.