Now more than ever, small businesses are looking for capital to maintain solvency. Basic cash-flow needs to be maintained in order to subsist during the economic downturn; which means that businesses need a way to connect with those willing and able to offer capital infusion. From construction companies and retail outlets to nail salons and coffee shops, access to capital is vital for local brick-and-mortar businesses. Capital infusion is required to attenuate the adverse effects of the economic downturn. This goes especially for restaurants and entertainment venues that have seen a drastic diminution in traffic.

That’s where SickCompany comes to the rescue. This is the new way to connect faltering enterprises with desperately-needed capital. It enables businesses to tide themselves over so that they can emerge in a strong position once the market gets back to normal. The private sector does not always have available conventional means of securing liquidity—such as borrowing (such as the government’s PPP) and use of funds allocated by the stimulus bill. New ways are needed to provide struggling businesses with capital. SickCompany offers innovative technology solutions to today’s commercial problems.