It is often extremely difficult for businesses weathering a storm to find investors for faltering businesses. This goes especially for enterprises that are struggling to maintain working capital to stay afloat. Many companies find themselves without an adequate level of overhead to sustain operations; or even to maintain solvency. This calls for an innovative technological solution. Sick Company is there to help.

The inability to make use of the prodigious power of online communications technology has traditionally been a formidable obstacle to the process of deploying funds where they are needed most. Introducing a new mechanism that makes vital connections for those in need of financing.

There are many investors willing and able to rescue companies in distress; and they now have a platform at their disposal. All this is made possible by Sick Company, which is determined to ensure companies in need of a capital infusion are able to subsist. Sick Company harnesses the prodigious power of the IoT and geo-tracking to offer a way to connect investors with companies in need. This means helping businesses quickly find capital infusion from sources they may have otherwise missed; and helping sources of capital find investment opportunities. It’s a win-win scenario made possible by the latest online technology.