The reduced availability of credit makes it difficult for small businesses to overcome temporary lulls by simply borrowing in the traditional way. Fintech is changing the economic landscape, as technology can now be leveraged to help struggling businesses subsist. This can be done by using the latest online tech to optimize the ways that investors find viable enterprises. No longer do such connections depend on the conventional means: market reports via traditional outlets, which are sluggish and imperfect.

Faltering companies are looking for an expedient solution. This entails a system that is capable of quickly gathering data and performing the calculations necessary to streamline what used to be a laborious capital allocation process. Companies that fare the best during economic downturns are those that are focused on future growth—taking proactive steps to ensure long-term viability. Sick Company is there to connect capital sources with companies in need. They realize that well-timed capital infusion is vital for early-stage companies seeking to enter the market on solid footing.