Every struggling business that maintaining crucial cash-flow entails can be difficult when there are systemic market disruptions. Some businesses have a limited ability to withstand lulls in working capital, or sustain operations during supply chain disruptions. Margins are often tight. Consequently, a major interruption in capital can put the entire enterprise in jeopardy. Today, more companies than ever are struggling to stay afloat. Much-needed capital infusion is being sought. Sick Company is there to connect investors to worthy enterprises that are in desperate need of a leg up.

This is based on the insight that on-line technology can be used to shore up faltering businesses. The idea is to implement new ways of communal problem-solving in a perpetually shifting commercial ecosystem. Sick Company provides an effective means of allocating capital (from the point of view of investors) and finding sources of capital (from the point of view of faltering enterprises). Enterprises that harness the full capabilities of on-line technology will come out ahead.