Struggling brick and mortar retailers are looking for an infusion of capital in order to stay afloat.  Brick and mortar businesses (be they retailers or entertainment venues) depend on in-person patrons; so it is they who were most adversely affected by the pandemic-induced conditions since mid-March of 2020.  In the advent of the pandemic, there has been a massive pivot to tele-commuting and online commerce.  Consumers have shifted their consumption patterns toward digital products and online services (e.g. streaming vs. cinemas).

SickCompany is there to connect enterprises that are faltering with vital sources of capital.  More than ever, investors are holding back on funds for startups that show slight risk…that is, until the economic climate takes a turn for the better.  Businesses seeking working capital to weather the storm are looking for new ways to find funds.  Sick Company is employing innovative technological solutions to address this un-met need.